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Wantage & Abingdon Methodists

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What is it?

The same computers which host this website, also host a database for the Circuit, known as "the cloud." This contains contact details for the people who have agreed to share them, and details for each Church and the services on the forthcoming Plan. Documents, pictures and video are also saved in "the cloud."

Some of this information is visible, through the website, to anyone.

Other website pages are available only to people who are entitled to see them. Anyone connected to any of the Circuit churches can be given access. These people establish who they are by signing-in through the website using a password known only to them.

Why do it?

Once signed-in, users can then see the extra pages, and view or download more documents — depending on which groups they are members of.

Those who have access in this way can also be given access to the Cloud itself: to enable them to see the contact details of others, to add articles or calendar entries, to help in planmaking, or to maintain or develop the website .

How do I get started?

If you would like to be able to sign-in, and are willing to share at least your email address, please fill in the form. Retype the code characters in the box (to show you are a real person) and click "send."

Should I worry about the message that my connection is not secure?

Web browsers have started to show these messages if traffic between you and a website is not encrypted. This is mainly an issue with sites which let you buy goods and services through them, and ask for card or bank details.
The connection with will be moving to encrypted connection using https in the next few weeks. The messages will then stop appearing.
Until then, to stay safe, pick a hard-to-guess password and ensure your browser and other software on your device are up to date.