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Google Calendar

google calendar

How to add any of the calendars to your Google Calendar display

1. Select a link from the table below, highlight and copy all the text in the right-hand column.
2. Open your Google calendar and click the small down-arrow alongside "Other calendars" in the menu.
3. Select "Add by URL"
4. Paste or type the shortcut from step 1 into the URL box.
5. Click Add calendar.

The calendar you selected should now appear in the list below "Other calendars." It may take a minute or two for your calendar display to be updated.
By clicking the down-arrow alongside the new entry, you can modify it:

  • Select a suitable colour, or make a new one by clicking "Edit colour"
  • Click "Calendar settings" and type a more helpful name in the "Calendar name" box
  • If you don't want to see it all the time, you can hide or display it by clicking the coloured box to the left.
Circuit webcal://www.wantab.org.uk/calendar-57241.ics
All Saints webcal://www.wantab.org.uk/calendar-59806.ics
Childrey webcal://www.wantab.org.uk/calendar-59809.ics
Didcot webcal://www.wantab.org.uk/calendar-59812.ics
Grove webcal://www.wantab.org.uk/calendar-59810.ics
Milton webcal://www.wantab.org.uk/calendar-57241.ics
Peachcroft webcal://www.wantab.org.uk/calendar-59807.ics
Trinity webcal://www.wantab.org.uk/calendar-59808.ics
Wallingford webcal://www.wantab.org.uk/calendar-59814.ics
Wantage webcal://www.wantab.org.uk/calendar-59811.ics
North (All Saints, Peachcroft & Trinity) webcal://www.wantab.org.uk/calendar-61834.ics
West (Childrey, Wantage & Grove) webcal://www.wantab.org.uk/calendar-61154.ics
East (Didcot, Milton & Wallingford) webcal://www.wantab.org.uk/calendar-61835.ics

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