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December 11th


There are many science parks in this area, so to celebrate Christmas in a more academic way, we've included a Christmassy logic puzzle todsay. This is based on a famous classical intelligence problem.

Three elves and three reindeers must cross the Pacific Ocean using a sleigh which can carry at most twopeople, under the constraint that, for both sides of the Pacific Ocean, if there are elves present on onecoast, they cannot be outnumbered by reindeer (if they were, the reindeer would be too naughty to control).
The sleigh cannot cross the ocean by itself with nobody on board.

To make it more challenging, add asecondary constraint where no reindeer can be in the presence of another elf unless its rider is alsopresent.

To solve the problem, assume that , all are reindeer, and a, b and c are elves. A is the rider of , b is therider of , and c is the rider of ...

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