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December 22nd


Today, we're sharing a Christmas Story, that we shared with the mums and tots group at Great Western Park last year. This is the an old story from the border region of Germany/Poland/Ukraine. It's the story of how tinsel came to be.

A long, long time ago, when all the houses were made out of wood, there weren't many shops, and lots of things were handmade, there were no food banks like we have today, or places that people could go and get help if they needed it. Instead, people just had to look after themselves, and if they didn't have a lot, they didn't have a lot. This was even before Santa Claus was born, so they couldn't use his magic.

One day, in a small town, there was a family who were very poor – they wore clothes that were falling apart, they didn't have much food, and they didn't have any toys, but they knew that Christmas was coming, because everyone else in the village was getting ready for it, buying lots of food, and decorating their houses to look very nice. But this family couldn't do that. They just about had enough food to get through each day, but they didn't have anything extra.

What they could do though was to go out into the forest – where there were lots and lots of trees, and cut one down to take home, which they did. The children were very sad, because their house didn't look lovely, and they didn't have lots of lovely food to eat, but they were okay and they went to bed on Christmas Eve.

However, whilst they were sleeping, a spider and friends crept into the house, the mice left lots of lovely little snacks and things to eat, and the spiders had spun the most beautiful web all around the Christmas tree, so that it sparkled and shone with silver. It was a little bit cold in the house, so there was lots of condensation, so it shone even more magically. The children didn't have to be worried at all. They had the best Christmas, because the animals looked after them.

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