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December 7th


Great Western Park is a fairly international community with lots of residents from all over the world, many of whom work in Oxford Science Park. To celebrate this international aspect, today, we're sharing a recipe for Indian barfi.

Barfi can be made sweet or savoury, and are typically enjoyed at festivals at the end of a meal, across the Indian subcontinent (including the countries of Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka). They are often flavoured with fruit or nuts, and spices. The name 'barfi' is from the Hindu word 'barf', which means snow, so they're perfect to enjoy in the winter months! Below is a simplified recipe, which doesn't involve cooking, and is based on a traditional recipe for coconut ice, as the two dishes are very similar.

250g sweetened condensed milk; 250g icing sugar, sifted, plus extra for dusting; 200g dessicated coconut; red and green food colouring (Christmas colours!); 5 pinches of cardamom

Mix the condensed milk, cardomom and icing sugar in a large bowl until it is very stiff. Add the coconut, and mix it into the rest of the ingredients. Split the mix into two and knead two drops of red food colouring into one half; knead two drops of green food colouring into the other half. Dust a board with icing sugar, then roll out both mixes until they are one inch thick. Cut into small diagonal shapes (about one inch by two inches), and put all the diagonals on a board, and leave uncovered overnight for the ice to set.

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